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Animación por Karla Cott y Ryan Smith, por La Muerte Transicion Y Celebration De Vida. 2 de Noviembre 2009

Anticipacíon on YouTube
by Karla Cott and Ryan Smith (2009).

(The video seen here is an edited version of part 2 of 3)

Thoth & (Ryan Smith & Jeff Byers) collaborate on a 35 minute performance (July 18, 2009). Digital video and post production by Smith. Guitar, laptop, circuit-bent keyboard, iPod Touch application, wind chimes, drums, keyboard, and effects loops were used in the performance. Video recording of the performance by Rich McLaughlin.

Thoth & Var.Na July2009 from Ryan Smith on Vimeo.

Human Host played at 202 on July 18, 2009
Part 1 of their performance:

Parts 2–7 can be found on YouTube:
-2- -3- -4- -5- -6- -7-

All of the following recordings came from a show at 202
(september 19, 2009).

They were recorded by Jeff

Thoth (ryan smith)

Holy Ghost Party (dave jacober, zach utz)

Ecstatic Sunshine (matthew papich)

max eilbacher

rich mcLaughlin

ian donnelly
March 14, 2009 — VAR.NA from Jeff Byers on YouTube

All music, live projection, and final video editing by Jeff Byers.
All video footage shot by Dan Scott.

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