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American Folklore, April 2011

NARC april 2011

Michael Allender plays John Fahey & Harry Nilsson

Jeff Byers sitar1

Justin Karl Schwemmer

10 cymbals 1 Moogerfooger:

collaborative improvised performance (aka anyone could play at High Zero).
video documentation by Corey Baltz,
TV projection by Karla Cott and Ryan Smith

We Know What It Means

by Non Photo (Lorraine DeGraffenreidt & Richard McLaughlin)

dance of the walled-in badger

by Non Photo (Lorraine DeGraffenreidt & Richard McLaughlin)

The next Night Flight is this December.
Contact Ryan Smith for more information:
410-252-7926 (phone)

Check out sound art and music from Night Flight performers: Andrew Elberfeld, Jeff Byers, and Richard McLaughlin.

Andrew @

Jeff @

Rich @

ryanSmith(THOTH) – video for DiAlysiS
(the second song off Cirrhosis of the Liver-Worst)

video for 40 Years of bASS songs

National Geographic (at “showing away party”)

Dustin Wong at 202 July 2010, by ryanSmith.

Recorded music from the first Night Flight:
March 13, 2010 (Hobart Blankenburg & Josef St Clair)

for more music from Josef St Clair visit:

Richard McLaughlin from National Geographic played at the second Night Flight
Here’s a sample of the material he’s been recording recently:


Water Sky
Video by Karla Cott and Ryan Smith
(Shown at the second Night Flight)


“Hashish House” (NghtFlghtMx)

Jeff’s video & new Var.Na song
Performed at the second Night Flight

For more music from Var.Na visit: